Our Services

As a logistical consultancy firm, we offer extensive training opportunities cuttinag across a range of fields. Our trainings are offered both online and on site (in-person). The trainings are designed to not only enhance staff performance and create behavioural change but they are also flexible enough that they can be undertaken while on-the-job. This is because we are aware of the fact that business has to continue regardless of the on-going staff development. To easily facilitate our online learning;

  • We have clear, precise and well pre-recorded Tutor led Modular videos on various modules in fleet management, business management, entrepreneurship, among others.
  • We also do one-on-one coaching and mentoring both on-line and in-person.
  • We also offer Tutor led Modular webinars online.
  • We also undertake online clinics with a great panel of experts on transport & fleet management, entrepreneurship, business management among others.

Management Consultancy

We cover training needs packaged for Individuals, Private organisations, Non-government organisations (NGOs), and Government Agencies among others.

Transport and Fleet Management Services

We provide comprehensive transport and fleet management services to public, private and civil society.

Procurement Audit and Investigation

Every leader makes decisions and every decision depends on information. The quality of the information determines the decisions the leader makes.

Business Process Outsourcing

We offer professional services as a third party in what organisations would refer to as their non-core activities or back-office activities.