Legacy Logistics Associates

We specialise in business management, transport & fleet management, procurement and HR advisory with a combined personnel experience of over 20 years. We also do maintain partnerships with other leading companies in consultancy.

Our Vision

A Leader in business management solutions

Our Mission

Enhancing organizations’ performance and management through training and capacity building, research & innovations, audits, and monitoring and evaluation.

Our Core Values

1. Efficiency 2. Creativity and Innovation 3. Integrity 4. Respect 5. Safety

About us

Legacy Logistics Associates (LLA) is a management and business consulting company. We specialize in the provision of a broad range of services to organizations within management, business, and agri-business, among others along the supply chain.

Supply chain management in Africa gained prominence in the last decade, when organizations faced challenges like decreased profit margins from stiffer competition, poor project management, high transport and fleet costs, fraudulent procurement, high inventory costs, poor leadership, overhead costs and the risks associated with managing supply chain.

Management Consultancy

We cover training needs packaged for Individuals, Private organisations, Non-government organisations (NGOs), and Government Agencies among others.

Transport and Fleet Management Services

We provide comprehensive transport and fleet management services to public, private and civil society.

Procurement Audit and Investigation

Every leader makes decisions and every decision depends on information. The quality of the information determines the decisions the leader makes. Lets help you do this with Ease.

Business Process Outsourcing

We offer professional services as a third party in what organisations would refer to as their non-core activities or back-office activities.

Our Partners & Clients